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We offer our Clients custom services as to obtain the best and fastest results in goods handling.

Ours is a complete, professional and highly qualified service. We take personally care of everything: calculation of duties, requests and releases of visas, authorizations and certifications necessary both for import and export shipments.

In order to offer not just a complete but also an economically advantageous service our Clients can benefit of a custom deposit and a fiscal/V.A.T. deposit.

The custom bonded deposit, defined as economic custom system in suspension, allows the suspension of the payment of customs rights, during the stocking of goods, thus giving the oppurtunity to negotiate the goods as if they were still abroad. The goods may remain stocked for an unlimited time thus postponing the payment of V.A.T., duties and any other tax until they are actually imported.

The fiscal/V.A.T. deposit gives the advantage of introducing E.U. or national goods without paying V.A.T. The introduction into the deposit can be done by simply paying the duty (if needed) without paying V.A.T. There is no minimum limit to the period of stock of the goods. At the exit from the deposit the client is solely bound to the presentation of a self invoice in which V.A.T. is settled. Such a deposit suspends V.A.T. payment till the importer issues the final invoice to his customer.

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